What is a tracking pixel

What is a tracking pixel

A tracking pixel is HTML or JavaScript code. It is placed on website pages to track user behavior. Pixel collects and enriches information about both registered users and potential ones.

Information collected by a pixel:

  • Geodata — location and time zone of the user.
  • Interests — information about pages the user visits on the website or in mobile application.
  • The achievement of a specific goal on the website, in mobile application or in one of the communication channels (Email, SMS, Push).
  • Information about the user's browser and operating system.

How Does It Work

  1. Create a tracking pixel. Optionally, specify targeted actions that the pixel will record.
  2. Add the pixel code to the desired website pages.
  3. When the user visits such a page, the pixel is triggered:
  • If you do not specify any goals, the platform records a pixel trigger event.
  • If goals are set, the platform also records the achievement of the goal.
  1. Pixel collects data about website users and transmits it to the platform:
  • The information obtained is summarized and displayed in the goals report.
  • If the platform recognizes a customer from the database in a website visitor, then the data received is entered into the platform. You can use it to start a trigger newsletter or segment your target audience.

What is a targeted action

A targeted action is an action performed by a website visitor that led to a desired result for the company. Each marketer decides which actions will be considered targeted. This can be registration on the website, subscription to the newsletter, request, downloading a brochure, purchase.

Pixel records when the goal is achieved. You can select several targeted actions for each pixel and specify the value for each goal. Values can be calculated in points or cost.

You can view the achievement of goals in the «Goals» report.

How to get started with pixels in Altcraft Platform

If you use On-Premise solution, ask the platform administrator to activate pixels: Administration panel → Account settings → the «Enable Pixel» field.

To use pixels, configure the HTTPS protocol.

As soon as you activate pixels, the respective section will appear in the main menu of the platform.

You will learn how to create a pixel in the next article.

Do you have questions we have not covered? Perhaps you will find answers in our blog — «AK-Pixel is a Tool for User Data Collection and Enrichment».

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