How to set up integration with Google.Ads

As Google is a huge corporation used worldwide, you can significantly expand your audience via services provided by them: Google Search, YouTube еtc. To launch your advertising campaign, Google Ads comes handy. Being the Altcraft Platform ’s client, you can configure the platform so that Google Ads are integrated into your Altcraft account. First of all, you should configure your Google settings.

Step 1. Create connections

To start with, log in to your Altcraft account, and then go to SettingsConnections on the dashboard.

Settings - Connections

On this stage you are offered to choose the service you are going to further integrate with Altcraft Platform. Select Google Ads pressing on the appropriate button.

Selecting Google.Ads

Then click “Create” on top of the page.

Create button

The platform offers you to insert the name and description of your new connection.

General settings of connection

Below the general settings there is another box requiring to fill out such fields:

  • Application id;

  • Secret;

  • Token.

App ID, secret and token - empty fields

Where to get these parameters? Now proceed to Google services, please.

Step 2. Work with Google Ads

To find out Application id and Secret, you should go to Google Cloud. To find out Token, go to Google Ads with your manager account.

But let’s consider it thoroughly and consistently.

  1. Create an account on domain or log in, if you already have one.

  2. Go to Google Clouds and register there. Then create a project and go to APIs & Services – Credentials, as in the picture below.

Google Cloud

  1. Select the type Web application and name it.

Creating OAuth client

  1. You’ve succeeded in creating an OAuth client. Now you view the window with the credentials required. Copy and save them to later insert them into appropriate fields in Altcraft Platform.

OAuth client

  1. Next, proceed to the page where you can create a manager account. Follow all the necessary instructions to make it.

  2. Now your way is Tools & SettingsAPI Center.

Google Ads

  1. Find your developer token here and copy it to then paste into the proper field of Altcraft Platform.

Dev token

Step 3. Complete configuring the connections

Now go back to Altcraft Platform and finish with the connections. Now you know where to get the three parameters required. So, fill them in.

App ID, secret and token - filled out fields

Then press the Apply button on top:

Apply settings

After doing this, another button “Connect” appears on the gray field:

the connect button

After clicking it you’re suggested to select Google account:

select Google account

Now, having saved all the settings, you can see the status of your connections near each of them after clicking on Settings – Connections, as in the beginning. For instance, in this case the connection is pending:

Connection is pending

The possible statuses of connections:

  • Ready to work: the connection has been successfully configured and can be used to upload static segments to Google Ads.

  • Error on init: an attempt to set up a connection failed.

  • Error: an error occurred while working with the API that requires reconnection. In this case, you need to make sure that the user has access rights.

  • Connecting: connection in progress. A possible reason is that when you set up the connection, you did not log in to Google and did not grant rights.

  • Connected: the connection is not fully configured, additional steps are required. For example, you need to select a Google account.

You have enabled the connection and now you can use the data you work with on Altcraft Platform in Google Ads.

Step 4. Create integrations

Go to “Integrations” from the general menu on the left. Choose Google.Audience to integrate.

creating new integration

Then the page opens where you can create new integrations and manage the existing ones. Click on “Create” on top.

click on create button

You’ve made a new one, and you’re offered to name and describe it in the General settings box.

General settings

Below there is another box where you set integration up. You select and specify:

  • the type of data that you want to upload from the platform;

  • database;

  • connection.

Also you choose which segments exactly you want to synchronize with Google Ads. You can specify a certain segment or several of them; to do it, you should choose synchronization of some segments, as in the picture below.

Integration settings

Or else, you can select all the segments, or segments sorted out by tags or access groups.

Integration schedule

Decide how often you wish the data from the segment to be updated. Then choose the necessary frequency from the drop-down list:

  • every day at specific time;

  • every day, several times a day;

  • on specific date at specific time;

  • in particular months on particular weekdays at specific time;

  • in particular months on particular month days at specific time;

  • on specific date several times a day;

  • in particular months on particular weekdays several times a day;

  • in particular months on particular month several times a day;

  • weekday relative to the beginning of the month.

Options of schedule

After it, configure the time-table. You can also optionally set the deactivation date and time of your integration.

Schedule of integration

Don’t forget to save the integration – and now the deed is done! You can find all the information on the bottom of the page including the diagram of auditories, errors occurring during uploading, etc.

Integration statistics

In case you implement some changes to outdated data and want to integrate the altered segment with Google Ads, you should press the "Start resync" button.

If you're also concerned about integration with Yandex.Audience, see this guide.

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