How to launch a broadcast campaign

Broadcast is a one-time send of a single-message to a particular set of subscribers. Use this type of campaign to inform your customers about important updates or a one-time promotion, for instance, a New Year sale.

Open the «Campaigns» section in the main menu and select Broadcast and then click «Create»:

Creating a new broadcast campaign

Step 1. Basic settings

Name your campaign and briefly describe it. Optionally, set access groups and add tags for instant search.

Broadcast general settings

Step 2. Select a channel

It can be Email, SMS, Push, Telegram or WhatsApp — any channel through which you want to send messages to subscribers. Select it in the drop-down list and click «Next».

Sending channel

Step 3. Specify the recipients of your campaign

  • Select a subscriber source. Either a whole database or a separate segment may be the target audience.
  • Restrict the audience by specifying a resource. In this case, only those customers that have a subscription to the selected resource will receive the messages of this campaign.

Campaign audience

If desired, you can choose "Filter by subscription categories" or "Filter by custom channel fields":


Go to the next tab by clicking «Next».

Step 4. Add a message template

Click on the + icon and select the appropriate template. You can add up to eight templates.

Message template

If you add several templates to one campaign, your subscribers will receive different messages in random order.

If you want to check how the template looks when your subscribers receive it or if you want to edit it, open the message preview.

Message template preview

Is template added? Click «Next».

Step 5. Campaign schedule

Broadcast is one-time sending. However, if your sending volume is too large, it is better to split the campaign into several stages. In this case, the schedule will come in handy.

For example, you have just started to work and use new domains and IP addresses. If you send 1000 messages at a time, your domains will lose their reputation with email providers, and all your emails will get into spam. That's why you need to warm up your domain first. Split all messages into several groups and send each one after a certain period of time.

5.1. The following frequency is available:

  • Every day at a specific time
  • Every day, several times a day
  • On a specific date at a specific time
  • On specific days of the week of certain months at a specific time
  • On specific days of certain months at a specific time
  • On a specific date at specific time intervals
  • On specific days of the week of certain months at specific time intervals
  • On specific days of certain months at specific time intervals
  • On a specific day of the week at the beginning of the month

Campaign schedule

5.2. Select a time zone by which you want to set up the schedule. You can run your campaign depending on the time zone of a particular subscriber. Activate the option «Send in the profile's time zone, if it is known».

5.3. If you have already decided when you want to stop the campaign, tick the box «Deactivate the schedule after a specific date» and select the date.

If the sender's reputation is high enough to send all campaign messages in 24 hours, set one run on a specific date at a specific time.

You will see the schedule in the lower part of the tab. Click «Done».

The settings of your broadcast will be displayed in a new window:

Checking broadcast settings

If something is wrong, click on the edit icon in the upper right corner to change the settings.

Step 6. Launching a broadcast

Your broadcast is configured. Now you need to launch it. There are two ways to do this.

6.1. Click on the «Active» button in the main settings and save the campaign:

Broadcast launch

If you want to launch the campaign right after saving, find the field «Start the campaign right now (in addition to schedule)» at the bottom of the page and tick the box. The broadcast will be launched in a second and after that it will continue to run according to the schedule.

6.2. Save the campaign first. You will be redirected to the menu where you will see all broadcasts. Find the campaign you have just configured.

Several icons are displayed on the right side. Click on the first one.

Campaign activation

Confirm activation in the modal window. That's all. Now you just have to wait until the time to send comes and the messages go to subscribers.


  1. In the «Campaigns» section, select Broadcast and click «Create».
  2. Enter the name of your campaign and briefly describe it.
  3. Set groups to restrict access and add tags for instant search (it is optional).
  4. Select a channel to communicate with subscribers. Click «Next».
  5. Add a message template, i.e. the content you want to send to subscribers.
  6. Set a schedule.
  7. Activate your broadcast by clicking «Active».
  8. Saves the campaign and wait for the send time.

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