How to launch a trigger campaign

Trigger campaigns send a message as soon as a customer performs a specific action on the website or if a specified event occurs on the platform (import, status change, etc.).

To start working with trigger email campaigns, open the "Campaigns" section in the general menu, then select "Triggers" and click "Create": Create a trigger campaign

Step 1. General settings

Name your campaign and provide a brief description. Set access groups and add tags for quick search.

General settings

Step 2. Channel

Select the communication channel for your subscribers and click "Next". Select channel

Step 3. Recipients

In trigger campaigns, the recipients of the newsletter are those profiles that are subscribed to a particular resource. You should specify the resource.

Optionally, you can choose "Filter by subscription categories" or "Filter by custom channel fields":


You can choose not to configure any resource. In this case, the client will receive the message right after the event occurs, regardless of whether they were subscribed to any resource or not.


Go to the next tab by clicking "Next".

Step 4. Message templates

Select a template by clicking on the + icon. You can add up to 8 templates.

If you add multiple templates to one campaign, subscribers will randomly receive different messages.

If you want to preview how the template will look when received or edit it, open the message preview by clicking on the corresponding icon. Message templates

Click on “Next” to proceed to the next stage.

Step 5. Trigger

5.1. On this tab, you set the trigger condition, i.e. the event after which the email will be automatically sent to the subscriber. Trigger conditions

5.2. If you want the message to be sent not immediately but in some time after the event, specify the delay time before sending (in days, hours, minutes).

5.3. Select the database whose profiles will receive trigger messages.

The settings of your trigger campaign will be displayed in a new window:

Campaign settings

If you want to continue configuring it, click on the edit icon in the top right corner.

Step 6. Newsletter limitations

Choose a sending policy to limit the number of messages sent to a subscriber during a certain period of time. For example, in the image, we have restricted sending more than two messages per day via one channel. Limitations

Step 7. Smart settings

If smart settings are enabled for your account, the editing window for the campaign will display an additional section where you can specify parameters in the “Virtual sender”, “Custom tracking domain” and “Send hidden copy to these addresses” fields.

Step 8. Starting the trigger campaign

You can launch a trigger campaign by clicking the "Active" switch in the general settings. The campaign will start as soon as you click the "Save" button. Triggered messages will start sending after the specified event occurs. Switching the trigger campaign

Another way to start a campaign is to activate it from the menu after having saved it. To do this, click on the appropriate icon. Switching from the list

Keep in mind that a trigger campaign will send a message only after the event you have specified, i.e. the trigger, occurs.

Memo tips

  1. In the "Campaigns" section, select "Triggers" and click "Create".

  2. Enter the name of the campaign and provide a brief description.

  3. Set groups for access restriction and tags for quick search if necessary.

  4. Choose the channel for communication with subscribers and click "Next".

  5. Add a message template, i.e. the content that you want to send to subscribers.

  6. Set the trigger condition, i.e. the event after which the message will be automatically sent to the subscriber.

  7. Limit sending out by specifying the sending policy.

  8. If additional settings are required, use the “Smart Settings” section.

  9. Activate the campaign by clicking on the "Active" switch.

  10. Save the campaign to launch the newsletter.

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