Which campaign type to choose

What is a campaign

In Altcraft Platform a campaign is a tool for sending messages to your subscribers. There are several types of campaigns:

  • Broadcasts
  • Regular
  • Triggers
  • Multivariate tests
  • Placements

By choosing a campaign, you decide:

  • what message you will send;
  • how often you will send it;
  • through which channel (email, SMS, push, etc.);
  • who gets your message.

Campaign types

1. Broadcast, or bulk campaign

A broadcast is a one-time send of a single-message to a particular audience of subscribers. Once the broadcast has sent one message to each recipient, it will end. Use it when you want to send out unique content to your subscribers just once.

What is a broadcast good for?

  • Important updates (new functionality, new product, price change, privacy policy update, etc.)
  • Blog digests
  • News about sales and promotions (Christmas Sale, Black Friday)

2. Regular campaign

A regular campaign sends messages to a particular audience of subscribers on a regular basis. You set the campaign schedule: daily, once a week, once a month or whatever. On day X, the campaign starts and sends one message to each subscriber. Then it freezes in anticipation of the next day X and starts the sending again. Until you stop the campaign yourself, the campaign will continue as scheduled.

What is a regular campaign good for?

  • Birthday greetings
  • Service expiration reminder
  • Reactivation of inactive clients
  • Weekly newsletter about the publication of new blog posts
  • Selection of featured products

3. Trigger campaign

A trigger campaign automatically sends a message to the subscriber as soon as the desired event occurs. This can be an event within the platform or a user action on your website or mobile app:

What is a trigger campaign good for?

4. Multivariate testing

Multivariate test (MVT testing, or A/B/n test) allows you to test the marketing effectiveness of the messages you send. Several message templates are added to the campaign. After that, they are sent to a small part of the audience. Templates are substituted into messages in a random order, and subscribers receive different templates. Depending on the number of open messages or the number of clicks, the platform chooses a winning template. Up to 16 templates can be tested at the same time.

What is an MVT test good for?

  • Test the effectiveness of the CTA button;
  • Find the optimal ratio of images and text in an email;
  • Choose the subject line that causes the greatest reaction from the recipient.

5. Placement

The campaign allows you to place content for subscribers on a specific resource with the ability to cancel at any time.

The campaign sends content to each subscriber in the data source (in the case of a scheduled start) or to a specific lead that initiates a specific event (in the case of a triggered start condition). If the channel is configured to unsubscribe, the posted content can be removed from the resource manually or upon reaching a certain date and time.

What is a placement good for?

  • Placing a banner in the user's personal account;
  • Placing a banner on the website;
  • Placing a banner in a mobile application.

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