Customer Journey Map Visualization Tools

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A customer journey map (CJM) contains detailed information about all customer actions: from the first thought of buying something to purchasing it. While our team is preparing a detailed guide on creating and automating a customer journey map, we are sharing with you the tools for its design.

Customer journey mapping tools

Google Sheets

A simple but convenient tool for visualizing the customer journey. You write out the stages at the top, vertically — the characteristics of the buyer. On the plus side of Google Sheets, every team member can access and update them quickly. This product is free and it is also a big plus.

google_sheets (1).png

Figma or Sketch

If you need to show all the details and visualize the customer journey, these tools are for you. With their help, you can create a bright and colorful CJM. Such a map will look impressive in presentations. But there is a disadvantage — you can't quickly update the map without a designer.

SketchA customer journey map template. Source: www.behance.net


A free tool to create CJM templates. A simple and uncomplicated service will help you quickly illustrate the customer journey.

СanvanizerA customer journey map template. Source: canvanizer.com


Free access for one team member. Simple interface and management of a customer journey map. There are ready-made CJM templates.

miroA customer journey map template. Source: miro.com

Touchpoint Dashboard

A completely paid service with advanced features. The number of participants is unlimited. You can add images, metrics, and other useful elements to your map.

Touchpoint_DashboardA customer journey map template. Source: touchpointdashboard.com

The Altcraft Marketing platform can automate a customer journey map. The next article will show you how to do this.







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