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Creating the platform Altcraft our team set making the product the best on the market as a global goal. It was necessary to create an instrument which could be used both in the banking sector and in the teleco or retail.

Regardless of our clients’ spheres of activity, all of them use trigger workflows of communication, provide conditions, send messages, and direct clients to the objective fulfillment.

Altcraft makes it possible to start trigger workflows by sending information through any communication channel. We aren’t too much concerned with the client’s email address as the main identificator and channel of communication. We just separate the follower’s virtual identity into two parts – CLIENT PROFILE and SUBSCRIPTION TO THE CHANNEL. One profile can contain an unlimited number of subscriptions, or none. The aim of all these changes is creating an integral client profile that would aggregate all their data and actions.

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In campaigns, choosing resources is now available. In case it is set for mailing, only subscribers to a particular resource or channel will be selected.



The client chooses the channel optimal for them to receive messages from your company. The client doesn’t have to push the SPAM button or delete unnecessary text messages from the smartphone. It’s convenient for the client to open a push notification in a browser or a mobile app.

Fine! Everything for the client – in their turn, they appreciate this, and are ready to cooperate with your company on a long-term basis. The marketing of your company becomes a step closer to being called People-Based.

Apart from choosing an optimal communication channel for the client, you offer them an opportunity to choose the category of the information received. Having unsubscribed the client from the content undesirable personally to them, you do not lose the connection but provide loyalty gain.

There is a new category in the client’s profile, namely “Subscriptions”. You can view them in the corresponding tab. Now there are no limits on the number of Email, Push, SMS subscriptions. Any of your clients can have several contacts in any number of subscriptions with different statuses: subscribed, unsubscribed, not confirmed, etc. Editing the profile is available both through the interface and API.


Firstly, your client can have several email addresses – thus, if the sent letter is not opened and read, you can send it to the person’s second email address. Or, taking into account the openings statistics for both of the emails, you can send the letter to the “best” address right away. What we get as a result is improving indices of letter openings and clicks.


Secondly, you can identify a client not having their contact. You have an opportunity to follow-up their interests on the site or in the mobile app, store data, and keep them till the moment of the client’s registration and their transferring from the status of a potential subscriber to that of a real one. Getting the client’s subscription you can engage a dialogue with them, make personalised offers based on their preferences and the goods viewed.

At each step of communication you enrich the subscriber’s profile.


Your clients’ contact base stops being an ordinary list of email addresses. Each ID hides in itself clients’ full “life”, their preferences, operations, last purchases and all the communication possible.

For you to get to know more about ways to adapt Altcraft for your own purposes, contact us.







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Author: Ilya Zagorodnjuk






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