Profile deletion

First and foremost, it's important to note that deleting a profile is not always the right solution. Data accumulates around a profile, which are actions, statistics, and more. After some time, a deleted profile may reappear in the database, but the data about its behavior will already be lost.

We also do not recommend deleting a profile of a customer with whom you have already communicated through any channel. If this user contacts a regulatory authority, and you cannot prove that they consented to receiving your communications, you may be fined.

To identify profiles with which there has been no communication, create a quick segment (Database → Quick segment). Include profiles in it to whom you have never sent an Email, SMS, or Push message.

Select profiles with no interaction

If you have already sent messages to a subscriber through any channel but now want to completely stop communication with them, it's better to change the global status or add the subscriber's contact information to the global suppression list.

Alternatives to deleting a profile from the database

1. Changing the global status

Find the subscriber's profile in the database and change the global status to "Unsubscribed." Don't forget to save the changes. After that, communication with the subscriber within the database will be restricted. Even if they still have active subscriptions to resources, they will not receive messages.

Unsubscribe profile in Altcraft Platform database

2. Adding to the global suppression list

Open the global suppression list (1 Global suppress list), enter the subscriber's contact information (email or phone), and click the "Check" button. If this information is not already in the list, check it and click "Add selected." Save the stop list.

This way, you completely restrict sending messages to the specified email address or phone number.

Add selected emails to global suppression list

How to delete a profile

You can delete a profile from the database in the following situations:

  • You created a test profile, and now you no longer need it.
  • You accidentally uploaded extra profiles.
  • You have never sent any messages to the profile through any channel.

Only a user with a special role can delete a profile from the database. If you are the master user, you can create a new role and select "Delete profiles" in the list of allowed permissions. Then, the master user should assign this role to the user who needs permission to delete profiles.

Delete profiles from a database in Altcraft Platform

Make sure that the user to whom you are assigning the role is also assigned to a group in which this role is available. For example, if we chose the Marketing department group for the role, the user John Doe must also have access to this group, so he can use the "Delete profiles" role.

Example of access types within the account in Altcraft Platform

Now, in the customer digital profile, there is a "Delete profile" button. If you are certain about your decision, click on it and confirm the deletion of the profile and its personal data.

A Delete Profile button within a profile

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